If your kids enjoyed Newfield’s sports programs during the summer, maybe you should try a year-round program, too.
The programs listed here are not far from Newfield and Newfield kids are on most of these teams.



Darien YMCA Piranhas

Greenwich YMCA Marlins

Greenwich YWCA Dolphins

Italian Center Orcas (Stamford)

New Canaan YMCA Caimans

Sharks Swim Team (Stamford)

Stamford Jewish Community Center

Weston Water Wizards

Wilton YMCA Wahoos


Kings Highway Tennis Club


Shippan Racquet Club (Stamford)

Stamford Indoor Tennis, 359-0601

Grand Slam Tennis Club (Bedford, NY)


New Canaan YMCA Whirlwind Diving



New Canaan YMCA Aquinas


Water Polo

Greenwich Water Polo

Wilton YMCA Water Polo