Pool & Diving Rules

1. One Pool lane will be available at all times (except during Swim Meets, Water Polo Matches, and Water Polo Practices) for the use of Lap Swimmers.

2. Good swimming manners and observance of safety rules are expected of all persons in and around the pool areas.

3. Parents are fully responsible for and are expected to supervise children in the Kiddie pool (the Kiddie pool is for children under 8 years of age only).

4. Children under 8 years may be permitted within the Main pool area only with the specific permission of their parents.

5. Admission to the Main or Kiddie pool may be refused by anyone on health grounds or to ensure the safety of the members, at the sole discretion of the Club Manager.

6. Lifeguards have, at their sole discretion, the right to limit swimming by children to avoid fatigue.

7. Children who are not toilet trained are not allowed in the main pool at any time. Failure to comply with this rule may result in the suspension of club privileges.

8. There shall be NO snorkels, tubes, rafts, or balls in the Main Pool area. Kickboards and pull buoys may be used in designated lap lanes. Only “Swimmies” are permitted provided a responsible adult accompanies the child IN THE WATER.

9. NO FOOD or refreshments shall be brought into the Main or Kiddie pool areas. However, infant drinks in PLASTIC bottles are allowed on the Kiddie pool deck.

10. No debris of any kind shall be thrown into the Main or Kiddie pool.

11. No member of the Club may use the Pool unless a member of the LIFEGUARD staff is PRESENT.

12. The pool shall be CLOSED for general use by the Members during sanctioned SWIM MEETS and WATER POLO MATCHES, or during other activities authorized by the Board of Directors.

13. Lifeguards will closely monitor the use of the DIVING BOARD, and the Lifeguards, at their sole discretion, have the right to restrict individual use of the DIVING BOARD for the safety of all swimmers.

Diving Rules

1. Patrons must wait on steps for the diving board

2. No Running, No Horseplay, No Balls on the Diving board

3. No Flotation Devices or toys in the diving well

4. Patrons must jump straight out and swim to the side

5. No swimming or jumping in between the diving boards