Dear Newfield Members,
We hope that everyone is safe and well. We wanted to send a more specific update on our plans for aquatics this summer and appeal to you for help.
We had all hoped for a pool opening for Memorial Day weekend. As you know, we are at the mercy of the state for if and when our pool can open. At this time, the state has not been explicit in when they will allow pools to open.
Newfield’s aquatics coaches are hopeful and committed to offering practices this summer that adhere to CDC guidelines, that enable social distancing, and that incorporate guidance from USA SwimmingWe hope to offer clinic-like practices that support skill development and joyful aquatics experiences. It will be far from business as usual but the spirit of Newfield aquatics programs will remain.
We are also looking at the possibility of a reservation system for families to sign up in advance (only) for use of the pool and/or deck. This will allow for safe social distancing practices.
All of this is dependent on the state’s permission to open. If you are interested in using the pool this summer in a safe way, consider writing letters in support of opening up pools to our local state representatives.
As you know, swimming is a healthy activity for all ages to enjoy, it promotes cardiovascular conditioning and can be one of the only physical activities people of disabilities can engage in.  Additionally, swimming is excellent for your mental health and is proven to help ease anxiety and depression – currently a real and sobering issue.
A listing of all state representatives can be found here.
You can also send the Governor’s office a message to share why we need pools reopened.
Additionally, if any of you or your member families have direct, personal relationships with our state representatives or anyone on the Reopen CT Advisory Committee we encourage you to reach out directly to them. 
The Fairfield County Swim League Board has decided not to hold Divisional and County Championships in their current form due to the amount of people potentially attending these events and clubs not allowing guests.  The League Board has also decided there will not be any water polo competitions or traditional dual meets. Additionally, Newfield will not be participating in virtual meets this summer.
We wish we had better news. The goal at this point is to open the pool if possible and let people safely swim. We appreciate your understanding as we work through this dynamic and ever-changing situation, while keeping the safety of your families at the forefront of all decision-making.
Kind regards, 
Katie Cunningham, Newfield Aquatics Chair
Carol Donnelly, Newfield President